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LoLdle: A Daily Dive into League of Legends Wisdom

Unlocking the Mysteries of League of Legends, One Guess at a Time

Introduction: Your Daily Dose of League Trivia!

Do you really know League of Legends? LoLdle invites thousands of players worldwide to put their knowledge to the test by guessing champions from Riot Games' iconic League of Legends. But here's the twist – everyone has the same champions to guess, and it all resets every day at the same time!

How to Play LoLdle

LoLdle offers a unique challenge: guess today's champion from Riot's League of Legends. The catch? It changes every 24 hours. In the daily mode, players simply type in the champion's name, and the game reveals its properties. The color-coded tiles provide hints, turning the guessing game into an intriguing puzzle.

Features: Unraveling the Details

Properties to Decipher:

  1. Gender: Discover if the champion is male, female, or other.
  2. Position(s): Uncover the most played positions in the game.
  3. Species: Explore the champion's species, from human to yordle and more.
  4. Resource: Learn about the resource used by the champion in the game.
  5. Range Type: Understand how the champion hits others in the game.
  6. Region(s): Determine where the champion comes from or resides.
  7. Release Year: Find out when the champion was released for play.

Unlocking Clues:

To aid players in their quest, LoLdle provides clues after several guesses. Quotes, splash arts, and ability icons give players a peek into the champion's identity. If you guess correctly, you can return to the clues section to fill in the missing details about the champion.

Example Playthrough:

Consider the correct answer is Ashe.

  • If you enter Garen:

    • Gender: Red (Not a match; Garen is male)
    • Position(s): Orange (Partial match; Garen plays top)
    • Species: Red (Not a match; Garen is not an Ashe)
    • Resource: Red (Not a match; Garen uses no mana)
    • Range Type: Red (Not a match; Garen is melee)
    • Region(s): Red (Not a match; Garen is from Demacia)
    • Release Year: Orange (Partial match; Garen was released in 2010)
  • If you enter Ashe:

    • Gender: Green (Exact match; both female)
    • Position(s): Green (Exact match; both played in the bottom lane)
    • Species: Green (Exact match; both human)
    • Resource: Green (Exact match; both use mana)
    • Range Type: Green (Exact match; both ranged)
    • Region(s): Green (Exact match; both from Freljord)
    • Release Year: Green (Exact match; both released in 2009)

Conclusion: Get Guessing with LoLdle!

Join the global community of LoLdle players and immerse yourself in the thrilling challenge of guessing League of Legends champions. Whether you're a seasoned player or a newcomer, LoLdle offers a daily dose of fun and knowledge. As Zilean wisely said, "Time is wasted when you're not playing LoLdle." So, embrace the challenge, unravel the mysteries, and enjoy your daily dive into League of Legends wisdom!

LoLdle Official Icon Image About this game: Your Daily Dose of League Trivia!

Do you really know League of Legends? Join thousands of players around the world to try and guess champions from Riot Games' League of Legends. Plot twist: everyone has the same ones to guess, and it resets every day at the same time!

Five modes are available to flex your knowledge of the game:

  • CLASSIC: Get clues on every try: positions, species, region, gender, release date, and more
  • QUOTE: Guess with an in-game quote
  • ABILITY: Guess with a spell icon
  • EMOJI: Guess with a set of emojis
  • SPLASH: Guess from a section of a splash art

In the wise words of Zilean, "Time is wasted when you're not playing LoLdle." So, get guessing!

==================== LoLdle was created under Riot Games' Legal Jibber Jabber policy using assets owned by Riot Games. Riot Games does not endorse or sponsor this project.

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