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Dynamons 7
Dynamons 7

Dynamons 7

Explore the world of Dynamons with the new version called Dynamons 7. Participate in battles with monsters and explore 2 new areas to conquer rare Dynamons.

What is Dynamons 7?

Dynamons 7 is a great choice not to be missed for gamers who like the game genre of fighting monsters and recruiting them into their team. Nurturing and taming them to participate in thrilling battles with other monsters.

Starting from the success of previous Dynamons versions, and understanding the psychology and desires of players, Dynamons 7 was officially launched to the public in April 2024 under the creation and development of Azerion Casual Games.

How to Play

Players interact with the game using the mouse and follow the instructions of expert Jovani.


Dynamons 7 opens up a completely new adventure to explore two new areas: Tall Pines World and Bonus Cave. This place has many rare Dynamons and many secret rewards.

Players have the opportunity to meet Dynamons with tremendous power such as Crocynos, Huango, Aragonyx, and Cybeenyx. Find ways to recruit them to level up your team.


  • Listen to expert Jovani's guidance and make the right choices between Flarion Fire, Lampion Water, and Forest Fenecorn.
  • Use strategy to capture and tame each type of Dynamons.
  • Participate in battles between trainers, use tactics, choose smart teams, and deliver decisive attacks.
  • Use items appropriately.

The goal that players aim for in Dynamons 7 is to collect Dynamons, participate in battles between trainers, and collect rewards. Whether you're a seasoned trainer or new to the world of Dynamons, the game offers a rich and engaging experience filled with exploration, strategy, and thrilling monster battles.

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