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Dive into the Real Estate Frenzy: Unraveling the Mystery of Listed!

Calling all房产爱好者 and real estate enthusiasts! Get ready to put your property prowess to the test with Listed, the addictive game that's turning home valuation into a thrilling guessing adventure.

What is Listed?

Imagine this: you're not just scrolling through listings, you're the mastermind behind uncovering their hidden values. Listed is a real estate-themed guessing game where you become the ultimate房产侦探, deciphering clues and strategizing your bids to guess the sale price of a mystery property.

How to Play Listed:

The gameplay is a captivating blend of deduction, logic, and intuition:

  1. Peek at the property: Each round, you're presented with a picture of a house or apartment. Analyze its location, style, features, and any additional hints provided.
  2. Make your guess: Based on your observations and intuition, take a shot at the property's sale price. Aim for accuracy within a designated range to score points.
  3. Get feedback: The game reveals how close your guess was, indicating if you overshot, undershot, or hit the sweet spot.
  4. Unravel the mystery: As you progress through the rounds, more information about the property is revealed, like square footage, renovations, and neighborhood details. Use this intel to refine your future guesses.
  5. Climb the leaderboard: Compete against friends or global players to see who reigns supreme in the realm of房地产估价.

Is Listed Free and Online?

Absolutely! Listed is freely available to play on various platforms:

  • Web browsers: Access the game directly through your browser on sites like listed.fun.
  • Mobile devices: Download the app for free on the App Store and Google Play.

Listed: Beyond the Basic Gameplay

What makes Listed truly captivating is its unique features:

  • Daily challenges: Keep things fresh with new mystery properties and guessing variations every day.
  • Unlimited play: Hone your skills and climb the leaderboard without restrictions.
  • Global community: Connect with fellow房产爱好者 and share strategies through the in-game chat and social media integrations.
  • City editions: Test your knowledge in specific locations like Listed SF and Listed Chicago, adding a local flair to the guessing game.

Listed vs. Housle and Guessing Price Games:

While other games like Housle focus on buying and flipping properties, Listed centers solely on精准估价. This unique approach makes it stand out, appealing to players who enjoy the thrill of the guess and the satisfaction of cracking the real estate code.

So, is Listed your next gaming obsession? If you're intrigued by the world of房产, enjoy brain-teasing challenges, and love a bit of friendly competition, then dive into the exciting world of Listed! Remember, with every guess, you'll become a sharper房产侦探, ready to conquer the market one mystery property at a time.

I hope this comprehensive write-up answers all your questions about Listed. Now, go forth and unleash your inner房地产专家, one accurate guess at a time!

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