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Pokemon A New Dawn

Pokemon A New Dawn

Pokemon A New Dawn is an engaging and creative rom hack based on the official Pokemon Fire Red Version. In this unique game, players explore two different regions, join their respective leagues, and face off against the nefarious Team Night to thwart their plans. With a dozen starter Pokemons to choose from, your journey promises to be full of adventure and excitement.

What is Pokemon A New Dawn?

Pokemon A New Dawn is a rom hack of the popular Pokemon Fire Red Version. Unlike many other hacks that focus on new graphics and added content, this game distinguishes itself by offering an entirely different storyline. The plot revolves around the sinister organization, Team Night, and their attempt to use the Arcanate Machine to cast the world into "Eternal Night." What sets this hack apart is the creator Joexv's unique approach to involving fans in the story development. Selected fan-made stories are incorporated into the game, adding a personal touch and making the gameplay even more immersive.

How to Play

  • Movement:
    • Use the Arrow keys to move your character around the game world.
  • Selection and Starting:
    • Press the Space bar to select options.
    • Press Enter to start the game.
  • Action Buttons:
    • Press the “Z” key to perform actions (equivalent to the 'A' button in traditional Pokemon games).
    • Press the “X” key to cancel actions or go back (equivalent to the 'B' button).
  • Additional Controls:
    • Press the “S” key to use the 'R' button functionality.
    • Press the “A” key to use the 'L' button functionality.

In Pokemon A New Dawn, you embark on an epic journey through new regions, face challenging foes, and participate in an evolving story shaped by the community. With straightforward controls and an intriguing narrative, this game offers a fresh take on the beloved Pokemon franchise. Have fun and good luck in your quest to stop Team Night!

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