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Pokemon Elite Quest

Embark on an Epic Journey with Pokémon Elite Quest

How to Play

Welcome to Pokémon Elite Quest! Originally conceived in December 2009 as a hack called Elite Quest, the project underwent a hiatus in March 2010 for research and improvement. Now, after much anticipation, EQ returns, revamped and better than ever! Dive back into the adventure by visiting the Pokémon Infinite Fusion


Years have passed since the legendary Red thwarted Team Rocket's sinister plans in Kanto, liberating Silph Co. from their clutches. Another hero, Gold, emerged to save Johto from the nefarious organization at the GoldenRod Radio Station. After their defeat in Johto, Team Rocket vanished, only to resurface in the enigmatic region of Solia with ambitions to capture Celebi, the Master of Time.

In Solia, a young boy celebrates his fifteenth birthday by receiving his first Pokémon from Professor Palm's lab. Eager to explore the region and earn Gym badges, he sets out on his journey. However, after securing his first badge and venturing into the DarkWoods, he encounters a mysterious Pokémon cry before losing consciousness.

Upon awakening, he finds himself in darkness, overhearing ominous voices plotting Celebi's capture. Suddenly, he is back in the forest, haunted by the enigmatic encounter.


  • Explore the vast and diverse region of Solia, brimming with new adventures and challenges.
  • Encounter a plethora of new Pokémon, including DP and Fakémon, enriching your journey with fresh discoveries.
  • Discover an array of new TMs and HMs, expanding your Pokémon's movepool and strategic options.
  • Immerse yourself in a variety of sidequests and minigames, offering exciting diversions from the main quest.
  • Experience the revival of the original Elite Quest with enhanced features and gameplay mechanics.
  • Face off against a resurgent Team Rocket, stronger and more determined than ever before.


Embark on the enthralling tale of a young trainer's quest to conquer the Elite Four and claim his place among them. As Pokémon Elite Quest continues to evolve, stay tuned for future updates, expansions, and new adventures awaiting you in the captivating world of Pokémon.

Game Controls

  • Click screen to activate.
  • ← → ↑ ↓ = Directions
  • Z = A X = B
  • A = L S = R
  • enter = Start
  • ← backspace = Select

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