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Pokemon Rocket Edition

Unleash Your Inner Rocket Member: Exploring the Depths of Pokémon Rocket Edition

How to Play

Pokemon Rocket Edition offers players a thrilling opportunity to delve into the darker side of the Pokémon universe. As a member of Team Rocket, your mission is clear: cheat, lie, and steal your way to dominance. Unlike other Team Rocket-based hacks, Rocket Edition sets itself apart by allowing players to steal Pokémon from every single Trainer in the game. With each victory in battle, the chance to expand your collection of ill-gotten Pokémon grows. Rise through the ranks of Team Rocket and unlock the ability to steal from even more Trainer classes.


Pokemon Rocket Edition promises an immersive experience that goes beyond the traditional Pokémon adventure. By offering a narrative that unfolds parallel to the original FireRed story, players will uncover hidden secrets and untold truths about the Kanto region. Prepare to question everything you thought you knew as you engage with familiar characters in unfamiliar situations.


The tale begins in Pallet Town, where a new hero sets out on a journey to become a Pokémon Master. But behind the facade of a typical Pokémon adventure lies a darker, more sinister plot. Sociopathic scientists, revenge-hungry nurses, and corrupt Gym Leaders lurk in the shadows, revealing a side of Kanto rarely seen. What connection exists between Lance, Giovanni, and Professor Oak? What secrets lie buried from the Great Pokémon War? The answers lie in the depths of Kanto's criminal underworld.


In Pokemon Rocket Edition, players will experience a morally ambiguous journey filled with choices and consequences. Engage in Pokémon battles with iconic characters from the original game, and decide whether to play it nice or embrace your villainous nature. Branching sidequests offer additional challenges and rewards, allowing players to shape their own destiny within the game. With an overall improved interface and gameplay mechanics inspired by Gen. VI, Pokemon Rocket Edition sets a new standard for fangames in the Pokémon universe.

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