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Pokemon Rusty

Pokemon Rusty: A Hilarious Adventure in the Pokemon World

Pokemon Rusty is a webseries created by Dorkly featuring a character named Rusty, a 10-year-old protagonist who is both stupid and determined. Despite his lack of intelligence, Rusty aspires to become a Pokemon Trainer like his hero, Red. However, his attempts always end in failure, leading to comical situations and mishaps.

Who is Rusty?

Rusty is portrayed as an idiotic character from the future who dreams of becoming a Pokemon Trainer. However, his incompetence leads to him being considered the worst trainer. Despite his shortcomings, Rusty is surprisingly skilled at cooking but refuses to work at his father's deli. He is the central character of the web series Pokemon Rusty, where his misadventures entertain viewers with humor and absurdity.

Pokemon Rusty Game:

The Pokemon Rusty game brings the adventure and humor of the web series into the gaming world. It follows the storyline of Rusty, the inept Pokemon Trainer, as he embarks on his journey to become a Pokemon Master despite his incompetence.

Features of the Game:

  • Enjoy a new storyline featuring one of the most incompetent Pokemon trainers in the world.
  • Experience humorous situations and mishaps as Rusty attempts to train his Pokemon.
  • Engage in battles and explore the Pokemon world in a unique and comical way.
  • Enjoy new graphics that enhance the gaming experience and bring Rusty's world to life.

How to Play:

Playing Pokemon Rusty is easy and requires only a keyboard. The game follows standard keyboard mappings, with options to customize controls based on player preference. Save and resume your progress using the save feature, ensuring you never miss a moment of Rusty's hilarious journey.


Pokemon Rusty offers players a chance to experience the hilarity and absurdity of Rusty's adventures in the Pokemon world. Whether you're a fan of the web series or just looking for a fun and entertaining game, Pokemon Rusty delivers an experience that will leave you laughing and entertained for hours. So grab your keyboard and join Rusty on his quest to become the worst Pokemon Trainer ever!

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