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Pokemon Team Rocket Edition

Pokemon Team Rocket Edition

Pokemon Team Rocket Edition (also known as Pokemon TRE) is an exciting rom hack of the classic Pokemon Red game for the Game Boy. In this game, you compete to become the next leader of Team Rocket by defeating your sister in a Pokemon match. Experience a fresh take on a beloved game with new maps, storylines, and sprites!

What is Pokemon Team Rocket Edition?

Pokemon Team Rocket Edition is a rom hack that modifies the original Pokemon Red game. Set in the familiar world of Generation 1 Pokemon, this version introduces a new storyline where Giovanni, the current leader of Team Rocket, organizes a competition to find his successor. The competition is fierce, narrowing down to you and your sister. Your mission is to defeat all gym leaders and the Elite Four to prove your worth and take over the infamous Team Rocket.

How to Play

  • Download and Set Up:

    • Obtain the rom hack file for Pokemon Team Rocket Edition.
    • Use an emulator compatible with Game Boy games to play the hack.
  • Game Controls:

    • Arrow keys – Move your character around the game world.
    • Space – Select or confirm choices in the menu.
    • Enter – Start the game or access the main menu.
    • Z – Acts as the 'A' button (used to interact with objects and people).
    • X – Acts as the 'B' button (used to cancel or go back).
  • Objective:

    • Embark on your journey by traveling through different towns and defeating gym leaders.
    • Build a strong team of Pokemon by capturing and training various species.
    • Challenge and defeat the Elite Four to prove your strength and become the next leader of Team Rocket.
    • Engage with new story elements and explore redesigned maps to enhance your adventure.

Dive into this nostalgic yet refreshing Pokemon adventure and lead Team Rocket to new heights in Pokemon Team Rocket Edition!

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