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Pokemon Uranium

Pokemon Uranium

Prepare to become the next Tandor Regional Champion by collecting all 8 Gym Badges, completing the Pokedex, and experiencing a truly unique Pokemon journey in the fan-made game, Pokemon Uranium. Battle your friends in PvP and explore the 13 towns of the Tandor region like never before!

What is Pokemon Uranium?

Pokemon Uranium is a downloadable fan-made Pokemon game created using RPG Maker and playable on Windows. Unlike other Pokemon titles, all the Pocket Monsters you'll encounter in this game are fan-made, with no official Pokemon included. Developed by the talented team of JV, Involuntary-, and their collaborators, Pokemon Uranium takes place in the lush Tandor region, featuring over 150 unique species of Pokemon not available elsewhere. Your goal in this adventure is to gather all 8 Gym Badges, compete and win the Regional Championship, and complete the 194-Pokemon Pokedex.

How to Play

Download and extract the Pokemon Uranium file to a folder

Open the file "Pokémon Uranium.msi"

Follow the on-screen installation instructions

Execute the game file and start your Pokemon journey

Enjoy the unique and captivating experience of Pokemon Uranium

Immerse yourself in the extraordinary world of Pokemon Uranium and become the next Tandor Regional Champion. Embark on a truly unforgettable Pokemon adventure.

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