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Power Rangers – Super Samurai
Power Rangers – Super Samurai

Power Rangers – Super Samurai

Unleash the Power of the Samurai Rangers

Prepare to join the ranks of the legendary Samurai Power Rangers as they face off against the malevolent Master Xandred and his formidable army of Nighloks. With each passing moment, their strength grows, threatening the very fabric of existence. It's up to you and your fellow Rangers to unlock the secrets of the Black Box, arm yourselves with new weapons, and await the arrival of a mysterious ally who may hold the key to turning the tide of battle in your favor.

Power Rangers Super Samurai: A Legendary Sequel

Delve into the heart-pounding action of Power Rangers Super Samurai, the electrifying nineteenth season of the iconic Power Rangers series. Building upon the foundation laid by its predecessor, Power Rangers Samurai, this thrilling sequel continues the epic saga of the Samurai Rangers as they face their greatest challenge yet. With Master Xandred's forces tightening their grip on the world, the Rangers must harness every ounce of their strength and cunning to emerge victorious.

Master the Art of Combat in Power Rangers – Super Samurai

Step into the shoes of a mighty Samurai Ranger and prepare for battle in Power Rangers – Super Samurai, an adrenaline-fueled action platforming game inspired by the beloved television series. Choose your favorite Ranger from the illustrious lineup and embark on an epic journey across five captivating maps. Engage in fierce combat against the forces of evil using your character's unique weapon, honing your skills with every encounter.


  • LMB: Interact / Select
  • WASD / Arrow keys: Move
  • Space / Hold Space: Attack
  • Shift: Sprint
  • Z: Special Attack

Are you ready to embrace the power of the Samurai Rangers and thwart the plans of Master Xandred? The fate of the world hangs in the balance – it's time to unleash your inner warrior and emerge victorious in the battle against darkness.

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