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Royal Order
Royal Order

Royal Order

Dive into the Intrigue of Royal Order

Experience the thrill of intrigue, betrayal, and survival in Royal Order, a LGBT+ survival Raising Simulation set in a high-fantasy royal court with RPG elements. Immerse yourself in a world of magic and court intrigue, where your decisions shape the fate of kingdoms. Will you lead the Royal Order to victory, or will your choices bring war and chaos?

Features to Navigate the Royal Court

Customizable Protagonist: Tailor your protagonist's appearance, pronoun, and name to reflect your identity and immerse yourself fully in the story.

Romantic Love Interests: Explore relationships with three captivating love interests, including two male and one female character, adding depth to your gameplay experience.

Stats-Raising Systems: Manage two distinct stats-raising systems – skills and personality – to improve your characters' abilities and navigate the challenges of court life effectively.

Time Management & Quest System: With 60 in-game weeks at your disposal, strategize and prioritize your actions wisely to fulfill quests and achieve your goals within the given time frame.

Multiple Endings: With eight possible endings awaiting you, every choice you make carries weight and contributes to the outcome of the story, ensuring a unique and immersive gameplay experience with each playthrough.

Many Deaths (and a bit of humor): Brace yourself for the unexpected as you navigate the treacherous waters of court politics – success comes with risks, and failure can have dire consequences. But fear not, a sprinkle of humor adds lightness to the darkest of moments.

Join the Royal Order and Shape the Fate of Kingdoms

Step into the shoes of Aarya, the newest member of the High Council, and take on the responsibility of managing the Royal Order. Can you put an end to the Sval's pillaging while maintaining peace among the kingdoms? The fate of Igrith rests in your hands. Will you rise to the challenge and emerge victorious, or will your actions plunge the realm into chaos? The choice is yours in Royal Order.

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