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2020 Game
2020 Game

2020 Game

2020 Game - A Lighthearted Side-Scroller Reflecting Last Year's Events

Introduction to 2020 Game:

2020 Game is a free web-based side-scroller that offers a lighthearted take on the events of the year we just experienced. It was developed by Max Garkavyy, who worked alone on the project for six months. Despite the challenging nature of the year, this game presents a creative and humorous perspective on various major events and trends that unfolded in 2020.

Gameplay and Features:

In 2020 Game, each level represents a significant event or trend from the previous year. From the frenzy over toilet paper shortages to the intense US presidential race, the game captures these moments in a fun and engaging manner. It even includes a brief TikTok dance interlude, adding a touch of entertainment and relatability.

The game's standout features include its well-designed pixel-art graphics, which add charm and nostalgia to the gameplay. The choice of music further enhances the overall experience, immersing players in the unique atmosphere of each level. With its side-scrolling mechanics, players can navigate through the levels and complete the game in approximately 10 minutes.

Benefits of Playing 2020 Game:

Despite the challenging nature of the year, 2020 Game offers players an opportunity to reflect on and find humor in the events of 2020. By presenting these events in a lighthearted and creative way, the game provides a sense of catharsis and entertainment. It allows players to relive these moments with a smile, fostering a positive outlook and providing a brief escape from reality.


If you're willing to take a light-hearted trip down memory lane, 2020 Game is worth a try. With its well-designed levels, pixel-art graphics, and humorous take on the events of last year, the game offers a unique and entertaining experience. So why not give it a go and enjoy a few laughs as you navigate through the challenges of 2020?

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