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Anime Battle 4.3
Anime Battle 4.3

Anime Battle 4.3

Anime Battle 4.3: Unleash the Epic Anime Showdown

Step into the electrifying realm of Anime Battle 4.3, a captivating fighting game that brings together the mightiest heroes from your favorite anime universes. Prepare for ruthless duels as these iconic characters clash in battles of epic proportions. With a growing roster of heroes armed with devastating special techniques, the fate of the anime world rests in your hands. Are you ready to determine the ultimate victor?

Heroic Duels: Unveil the Clash of Titans

Anime Battle 4.3 invites you to spectate an extraordinary collision of the most powerful heroes from beloved anime series. From every corner of the anime universe, characters converge to engage in pitiless battles. Your choices will decide the champions as these legendary figures put their skills to the test.

Choose Your Champion: Dive into the Anime Universe

Immerse yourself in a vast and ever-expanding character roster that spans across diverse anime and literary series. With an increasingly rich cast of 27 heroes, you're tasked with selecting your favorite protagonist to carry out your strategic maneuvers and unleash their signature techniques.

Versatile Gameplay: Diverse Modes for Every Player

Anime Battle 4.3 offers an array of game modes tailored to your preferences. Engage in solo battles or team up for thrilling two-player versus or co-op matches. Whether you're commanding the battlefield on your computer, mobile, or tablet, the gaming experience remains seamless and immersive across devices.

A New Beginning: Revamped for Excellence

In the wake of the Flash technology era, Anime Battle has been reborn from the ground up to deliver a fresh and immersive experience. A lineup of 27 heroes from various anime and literary worlds forms the foundation of the game, with ongoing additions to the character selection ensuring an ever-evolving and dynamic gameplay.

Update 4.3: Embrace the BlazBlue Alter Memory Heroes

In the exciting Update 4.3, a wave of new characters surges forth from the manga BlazBlue Alter Memory. Among them are Ragna the Bloodedge, Jin Kisaragi, Azrael, and Naoto Kurogane. As the game continues to evolve, fans can eagerly anticipate the regular inclusion of more characters, breathing new life into the ever-expanding roster.

Master the Fight: Battle Mechanics Unveiled

Anime Battle 4.3 is a remarkable fighting game that brings together characters from diverse anime series. As you venture into battle, here's how to control your chosen hero's actions:

Player 1 Controls:

  • AD: Move
  • S: Defense
  • J: Attack / Select
  • K: Jump
  • L: Instantaneous Step
  • U/I/O: Key Skills (Cooldown Timer Applies)
  • P: Modifier Key

Player 2 Controls:

  • ←→: Move
  • ↓: Defense
  • 1: Attack / Select
  • 2: Jump
  • 3: Instantaneous Step
  • 4/5/6: Key Skills
  • 9: Modifier Key

Enter: Pause

The Ultimate Anime Battle Awaits

In the captivating realm of Anime Battle 4.3, heroes collide, techniques blaze, and epic duels unfold. It's your chance to reshape the destiny of your favorite anime characters and prove your strategic prowess. With the power of choice and the allure of endless possibilities, the stage is set for an unforgettable showdown. Dive into the virtual arena, harness the energy of your chosen hero, and let the battles begin. The anime universe awaits your command!


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