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Enter the Blocky Adventure: Bloxd.io - Explore, Create, and Battle in a Voxelated World

Bloxd.io is an online game that features graphics similar to Minecraft and offers various game modes to choose from. These game modes encompass parkour challenges, sandbox creativity, and combat scenarios, depending on your preferred style of play.

Game Modes

  1. BloxdHop.io In the BloxdHop game mode, your objective is to reach the end of the map within a designated timeframe. To accomplish this, you must navigate through the level by hopping from one block to another, utilizing parkour techniques.

  2. DoodleCube DoodleCube is a game mode reminiscent of drawing games like Gartic.io. Players are tasked with creating objects based on given themes, and fellow users can vote on the accuracy and representation of these objects.

  3. EvilTower The goal in EvilTower is to ascend to the top of the tower. Similar to BloxdHop, this mode requires you to employ your parkour skills to overcome challenging obstacles. EvilTower draws inspiration from Roblox's Tower of Hell.

  4. Peaceful Peaceful mode closely resembles the creative mode in Minecraft. Here, you can freely explore the environment, gather resources, and unleash your creativity by constructing various structures.

  5. CubeWarfare CubeWarfare introduces exciting battles to the game. Engage in thrilling third-person shooter combat against other players while having the ability to build and manipulate blocks strategically.


  • Dive into enjoyable voxelated worlds directly from your web browser, without any cost.
  • Experience diverse game modes that offer unique objectives and gameplay styles.
  • Earn gold currency by accomplishing in-game achievements, which can be spent in the store for additional items or upgrades.
  • Team up with friends and engage in multiplayer games for a shared gaming experience.
  • The game was released in February 2021.

Developer BloxdHop.io was created by Arthur.

Platform The game can be played on web browsers, both on desktop and mobile devices.


  • Use the WASD keys to navigate your character.
  • Press Shift or double-tap W to activate the running feature.
  • Crouch by pressing C, Z, , or Caps Lock.
  • Communicate with other players using the T key or Enter to open the chat.
  • Access the shop by pressing B.
  • Start commands by typing /.
  • In DoodleCube, use the right mouse button to place blocks and the left mouse button to destroy them. Switch between blocks using number keys or the middle button of your mouse.


  • Use /rtv to vote and skip a map if you're not fond of it.
  • Type /players to view the list of players currently in your lobby.
  • Check your level and XP by entering /xp.
  • Discover how much time you've spent playing by using /played.
  • Engage in separate leaderboards by playing through maps without any buffs with the /nobuffs command.


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