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Dragon Ball Z Fighters: Unleash Your Inner Warrior

Get ready for the ultimate showdown in Dragon Ball Z Fighters, a game that encapsulates the essence of the beloved Dragon Ball series - epic battles featuring all-powerful fighters. Developed by Arc System Works and published by Bandai Namco Entertainment, this 2.5D fighting game has captured the hearts of fans worldwide.

The Dragon Ball Z Fighters Experience

In the world of Dragon Ball Z Fighters, combat is everything. Your only mission is to capture as many powerful fighters as possible, and there are no rules holding you back. The pressure is intense, not just in terms of time but also the vast expanse of space where you must scour for these mighty warriors.

Set in the Terra version, a unique Ruby and Sapphire adventure, you'll be challenged to use your wit and skill to capture all the fighters across the kingdom and lands of Hoenn. As a great trainer, your primary tool is your mouse, and with it, you'll strive to become the ultimate fighter collector.

Each fighter you encounter must be registered promptly. There's no time to waste in this thrilling journey. Your ultimate goal? To capture the illustrious Pikachu, possibly the most formidable and legendary fighter to ever grace the Dragon Ball universe.

Game Mechanics

In Dragon Ball Z Fighters, you'll engage in intense battles with teams of three playable characters, each with their unique assist abilities. Your opponents, whether AI or human, will also field a trio of warriors. To achieve victory, you must defeat all three of your opponent's characters. The battles are dynamic and filled with incredible combos and special moves that make every encounter a cinematic spectacle.

Online Features

The game offers a plethora of online features, including ranked battles, interactive lobbies, and even group battles involving up to six players. Whether you're seeking competitive challenges or cooperative play, there's something for every fighter.

Exclusive Story Mode

Discover a brand-new narrative in the exclusive story mode featuring C-21, a new character created under the watchful eye of Akira Toriyama. Dive deep into this gripping tale as you navigate the Dragon Ball universe's intricacies.

Spectacular Combat

Prepare to be awed by the breathtaking combat sequences. Experience aerial combos, destructible arenas, and iconic Dragon Ball scenes recreated in stunning 1080p resolution and 60 frames per second. The battles are a visual feast for fans and newcomers alike.

The Verdict: A Fighter's Dream

Dragon Ball Z Fighters has garnered widespread acclaim from critics and players alike. It's hailed as one of the finest fighting games of the eighth generation of video game consoles. The game's success can be attributed to its impeccable fighting system, extensive character roster, striking visuals, captivating story mode, and memorable music. However, it's worth noting that online functionality has faced criticism.

With a commercial success that includes 10 million copies sold worldwide as of May 2023, Dragon Ball Z Fighters stands as a testament to the enduring popularity of the Dragon Ball franchise. As you embark on your journey to capture these legendary fighters and write your own saga, remember that the fate of the universe hangs in the balance, and only the strongest warriors will prevail.


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