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FNF: Mon Mayhem
FNF: Mon Mayhem

FNF: Mon Mayhem

FNF: Mon Mayhem - A Funky Musical Showdown

Get ready to groove to the beats in FNF: Mon Mayhem, a Friday Night Funkin' mod that pays tribute to the Creature Collecting genre. This two-song mod features a musical showdown like no other, with Jibanyan and Pikachu spitting bars in an epic battle of rhythm and style.

A Collaboration of Talent: A Funky Fusion

FNF: Mon Mayhem is the brainchild of a talented team of creators. JoJo takes the director's seat, while Crunchy co-directs this funky fusion. Pancho, Eggu, Timson, Faid, Gabe, Bone, Kris, SodaDog, Mallek, Alex, Blon, Sonk, Taylor, and swelterrier bring their expertise to the table as musicians, coders, charterers, artists, voice actors, and more. Together, they weave a musical tapestry that celebrates the Monster Collecting subgenre of games.

A Love Letter to the Genre: A Mod of Versatility

The mod's creators pour their passion into Mon Mayhem, crafting a love letter to games with the Creature Collecting approach. Drawing inspiration from a wide variety of sources, this mod captures the essence of the genre and presents it in a fresh and exciting form. Much like the base game's homage to Newgrounds, Mon Mayhem embraces its roots while infusing it with creativity and flair.

Two Songs, Endless Fun: Mon-Stars and Choco-Bars

Step onto the big concert stage and prepare for a musical showdown like no other. Mon Mayhem treats players to two exhilarating songs - "Mon-Stars" and a secret, unlockable track called "Choco-Bars." The beats will have you grooving in sync with CJ, the cute and light-hearted band boy, as he challenges you to a battle of rhythm and skill.

The Story Unfolds: Overcoming Mayhem on a Starry Night

As the starry night unfolds, you find yourself at a local music festival with your girlfriend, seeking funky tunes and good times. Unexpectedly, the current lead singer recognizes you from the crowd - enter CJ. Intrigued by your music ventures, CJ challenges you to a battle. The stage is set for mayhem, and it's up to you to overcome the musical challenges and emerge victorious.

A Symphony of Credits: Acknowledging the Creators

FNF: Mon Mayhem is the result of a dedicated team effort. Ash handles the coding, while Mudstep brings the song instrumentals to life. RidingInTheRed and Miyno_ contribute lyrical prowess to the songs "Inverted Ascension," "Echoes," and "Artificial Lust." Cerbera takes care of the charting, while fueg0 ensures a future Mac port. Verwex's Mic'd up Engine brings innovative features to the mod, enhancing the gameplay experience.

Embrace the Funk: Original FNF Credits

As with any creation in the Friday Night Funkin' universe, credits are due to the original FNF developers. ninja_muffin99's programming, PhantomArcade3k, and evilsk8r's artistry, and kawaisprite's music lay the foundation for the funky fun that awaits players.

The Challenge Awaits: Test Your Rhythm Skills

If you're up for the challenge, it's time to groove to the beats and prove your rhythm skills in FNF: Mon Mayhem. Whether you're a seasoned player or a newcomer to the world of Friday Night Funkin', the mod offers a thrilling and entertaining experience for all.

A Call to Action: Join the Funky Fun

Don't miss out on the funky mayhem that awaits in FNF: Mon Mayhem. The unique blend of music, creativity, and challenge will keep you entertained and grooving for hours. So, grab your dancing shoes, turn off Ghost Tapping for a real challenge, and embrace the funk in this exhilarating Friday Night Funkin' mod.

Note: The Mic'd up Engine - For the Ultimate Experience

For the ultimate experience, make sure to play with the Mic'd up Engine and explore all its features. If you're on a PC, you can download the game at Gamebanana to fully immerse yourself in the funky world of FNF: Mon Mayhem.

Get Your Groove On: Play FNF Mod with Google Chrome

For the best performance and a smooth gaming experience, we recommend using Google Chrome to play FNF: Mon Mayhem. Let the funky beats and vibrant visuals transport you to a world of rhythm and excitement.

Funky Showdown Under the Stars

In the enchanting world of FNF: Mon Mayhem, musical mayhem and rhythmic mastery collide in a delightful fusion of creativity and talent. Embrace the funky challenge and immerse yourself in the creature collecting genre with Jibanyan and Pikachu leading the way. Get ready to shine on the big concert stage and conquer the starry night with your musical prowess. As always, good luck, have fun, and let the rhythm guide you to victory!


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