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Pokemon GS Chronicles: Redefining Classic Johto Adventures

Hello, fellow Pokemon enthusiasts! I'm Overlord Kaktus/Gold/Ruki Studios. You might recall my other projects like Pokémon Ragnarök, or maybe not, haha! I'm a Spanish-speaking ROM hacker, known for my contributions in the realm of Game Boy Color ROM hacking from 2010 to May 2014. Today, I'm thrilled to share an old project that I've decided to resurrect. I genuinely hope this venture sees completion.

The genesis of this project dates back to late 2010, initially taking shape as an "idea" that was halted in 2015. However, it has now been resurrected from the ground up.

This project draws heavy inspiration from Chaos Rush's hack, "Pokemon Dark Violet." In other words, this hack is a "reboot" of Pokemon Gold, Silver, and Crystal, weaving a new storyline while retaining the essence of the original games. Influenced by the original HGSS remakes and concepts seen only in Polished Crystal, this hack strives to create a unique and unseen Johto narrative.

A Fresh Johto Adventure

While the main plot and storyline resemble those of HGSS/GSC, the project introduces a host of new and innovative features, setting it apart from traditional GSC remakes. Here are some noteworthy highlights:

New Features Unveiled:

  1. Proudly powered by the Complete Fire Red Upgrade
  2. A renewed storyline, maintaining the essence of the original games
  3. New events never seen before in any GSC remake
  4. Maps based off HGSS ones
  5. Introduction of the Mega Evolution mechanics in the main storyline
  6. Z Moves during the Kanto Post-game (Possibly Dynamax/Gigamax as well)
  7. RZE tile system
  8. Day and night system with day/time-based events
  9. Dynamic wild Pokémon variations depending on the time
  10. Original soundtrack ripped from HGSS, ensuring high-quality audio
  11. Physical/Special split moves for a refined battle experience
  12. Updated type chart for balanced gameplay
  13. Introduction of PokéRides, replacing the outdated HM mechanics
  14. All-new Gen 4-8 Moves, including several custom moves
  15. Refreshed puzzles for enhanced exploration
  16. Comprehensive graphic updates across the game
  17. Updated battle mechanics to match Gen 8 standards
  18. IN-battle trainer messages for immersive gameplay
  19. Functional PokéGear for an authentic trainer experience
  20. Exp. Share and exp. Gain mechanics identical to Gen 8 for balanced progression

Embrace the Johto Journey

Pokemon GS Chronicles offers an intriguing ROM hack experience, reimagining the essence of Gold, Silver, and Crystal. While retaining the nostalgic charm of the original games, it adds a fresh twist to the Johto region, providing an exciting journey for all Pokemon aficionados.

So, get ready to embark on an unforgettable journey through Johto like never before!

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