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Immaculate Grid


Welcome to the intriguing challenge of Immaculate Grid, where your knowledge of baseball players, teams, and their accomplishments will be put to the test. This intricate game requires strategic thinking and a keen eye for matching criteria across rows and columns. Get ready to dive into the world of baseball history and statistics as you strive to conquer each grid.

Rules of the Game: A Strategic Approach

Your mission in Immaculate Grid is to select a player for each cell in the grid that meets the specific criteria for that cell's corresponding row and column. With nine guesses at your disposal, you'll aim to complete the grid with precision and accuracy. Each guess, regardless of being correct or incorrect, counts as a guess, so strategize wisely.

Daily Challenges Await: A New Grid Every Day

At 9:00am ET, a fresh grid awaits you, ready to challenge your baseball expertise. Your task is to solve the puzzle by aligning players and their achievements according to the set criteria. Can you conquer each day's grid and emerge victorious?

Variety of Criteria: Players, Teams, Awards, and More

From players' affiliations with specific teams to their awards and statistics, Immaculate Grid covers a wide range of criteria. Players can't be used twice, and they may be active or inactive. Previous franchise names still count, ensuring that historical context remains a part of the game. Hall of Famers are eligible from various categories but must have played for the specified team.

Unraveling the Requirements: A Comprehensive Guide

Understanding the requirements is key to success. For instance, players must have played at least one major league game for a specific team, and award winners must have achieved those awards while associated with that team. World Series winners must have played during the championship season, and stats must be recorded while playing for a particular team.

New Rules as of 8/1/2023: Expanding the Possibilities

Starting from August 1, 2023, rate stats such as batting average and ERA have no minimum requirement. This means that even a single hit in an entire season qualifies as an achievement. Additionally, for two stat/awards cells, accomplishments don't necessarily have to be in the same season.

Challenge Yourself: Unleash Your Baseball Knowledge

Immaculate Grid challenges you to explore the depths of baseball history, statistics, and trivia. Can you match players with their accomplishments and meet the intricate criteria? Sharpen your strategic thinking, test your baseball wisdom, and immerse yourself in the intricate world of baseball with Immaculate Grid. Will you rise to the occasion and conquer each grid? The challenge awaits – let the game begin!

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