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Immaculate Grid Football
Immaculate Grid Football

Immaculate Grid Football

How to Play Immaculate Grid Football

Immaculate Grid Football is a challenging and exciting game that involves filling a grid with players based on specific criteria. Each cell in the grid represents a unique combination of player attributes, team affiliations, awards, or season statistics. This guide will walk you through the rules and strategies of the game to help you master the art of playing Immaculate Grid Football.

Selecting Players:

To begin the game, you must carefully choose a player for each cell in the grid. The selection must match the criteria for both the player's row and column. For example, if a cell requires a player who won an award while playing for a specific team, you need to find a player who meets both these conditions.


The Nine-Guess Limit:

You have a total of nine guesses to fill out the entire grid. Each guess you make, whether it turns out to be correct or not, counts toward your overall limit. So, make your selections wisely, as running out of guesses will cost you the game.


Daily Grid Updates:

Immaculate Grid Football offers a new grid every day at 9:00 am ET. This means you have a fresh opportunity each day to put your skills to the test and complete the grid with precision.


One Player, One Use:

Once you've selected a player for a particular cell, you cannot use that player again anywhere else on the grid. This restriction adds an extra layer of strategy and forces you to think strategically about which players to utilize.


Active and Inactive Players:

Players from various leagues, such as NFL, AFL, or AAFC, are eligible for selection, whether they are currently active or retired. Keep this in mind while choosing your players to maximize your chances of success.


Previous Franchise Names Qualify:

The game acknowledges previous names of franchises. For instance, players who were part of teams like the Houston Oilers will match for the Tennessee Titans, and those from the St. Louis Rams will match for the Los Angeles Rams.


Team and Award Criteria:

To select a player for a team and award cell, the player must have won the award during a season they appeared for that specific team.


Super Bowl Winners' Criterion:

For Super Bowl winners, they must have participated in at least one game (regular season or playoff) during the season when their team won the Super Bowl to be eligible for selection.


Team and Season Stat Requirement:

When selecting players based on team and season stats, the player must have recorded the specified statistic while playing for that team. If a player played for multiple teams in a season, the stat must be associated with the team in question.


Two Stat/Awards Cells:

Players in the two stat/awards cells do not necessarily need to accomplish both the stats/awards in the same season. For instance, a player might qualify for 1,000+ rushing yards and Pro Bowl appearances achieved in different seasons.

Immaculate Grid Football is a fascinating game that challenges your knowledge of players, teams, awards, and season statistics. By understanding and applying the rules and strategies outlined in this guide, you can improve your chances of completing the grid successfully. Get ready to exercise your football knowledge and have fun with this unique and engaging puzzle game!

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