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Merge Dreams
Merge Dreams

Merge Dreams

Merge Dreams: Crafting an Enchanted Wonderland with Alice


Embark on a mystical journey through the whimsical realms of Merge Dreams, a captivating puzzle game where you accompany Alice in constructing a fairy-tale dreamland. Merge various items, construct charming buildings, and aid Alice in rescuing her magical companions, all while unraveling a mesmerizing tale of wonder and adventure.


  1. An Inspired Fantasy Adventure: Explore a narrative woven with familiar elements, as iconic characters and mythical creatures from the world of Alice in Wonderland take center stage in your quest.

  2. Merge Your Way to New Levels: Solve intricate puzzles and unlock new territories by merging items, creating enhanced versions that propel you further in your journey.

  3. Craft Beautiful Buildings: Delight in the creation of a diverse array of enchanting structures within Merge Dreams. From the Eskimo restaurant to the gem candy house, each building adds a unique charm to Alice’s evolving wonderland.

  4. Produce and Sell Valuable Goods: Utilize the structures you build to generate an array of valuable goods, ripe for trade in exchange for gold and experience points. Expand and upgrade your creations to enhance their productivity.

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Release Date and Developer

Merge Dreams made its debut in May 2021 on the Android platform and later expanded to HTML5 in March 2022. This captivating creation is the brainchild of the Hong Kong Starry Network Technology Co., Limited.


Experience the enchantment of Merge Dreams on a web browser (both desktop and mobile) as well as the Android platform.


Step into the extraordinary world of Merge Dreams, where imagination meets puzzle-solving prowess. Join forces with a young girl on a journey through a magical wonderland, encountering a cast of unforgettable characters along the way. Be prepared to immerse yourself in a fantastical merging adventure like never before, and watch as your dreams come to life within the captivating universe of Merge Dreams.

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