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Pokemon Light Platinum

Pokemon Light Platinum - The Ultimate Pokemon Hack Game

Are you a Pokemon enthusiast? Have you ever delved into the world of Pokemon Hack Games? If not, then the first game you should embark upon is Pokemon Light Platinum . While there are numerous Pokemon Hack ROMs available, most of them remain incomplete and riddled with bugs, making them less than perfect for an immersive experience. However, a few exceptional Pokemon Hack Games have garnered strong support from Pokefans, including Pokemon Light Platinum, Pokemon Flora Sky, Pokemon Snakewood, and Pokemon Ruby Destiny. In my opinion, Pokemon Light Platinum GBA should be your first choice.


Pokemon Light Platinum stands as an exceptional Remake ROM based on Pokemon Ruby Version. This completed version offers an array of new features, including the availability of Pokemon from the 4th Generation. All credit for the game's development goes to WesleyFG.


Let's explore some of the captivating features that Pokemon Light Platinum has to offer:

  1. NEW REGION ZHERY: Embark on an adventure in the all-new region of ZHERY, brimming with unique challenges and captivating landscapes.
  2. NEW LEADERS AND ELITE FOUR: Test your skills against new gym leaders and the formidable Elite Four, who will push you to your limits.
  3. NEW RIVALS: Encounter new rivals who will challenge your abilities and add an exciting twist to your journey.
  4. POKEMONS FROM ALL REGIONS: Discover and capture Pokemon from various regions, including Johto, Kanto, Hoen, and Sinnoh, offering a vast collection to complete your Pokedex.
  5. EXPANSIVE TRAVEL: Embark on trips to different areas, unveiling hidden secrets and encountering diverse Pokemon species.
  6. LEGENDARY POKEMON: Experience the thrill of capturing all the Legendary Pokemon, adding an extra layer of excitement to your adventure.
  7. ENHANCED VISUALS: Enjoy the game's updated sprites, events, and tiles, offering a refreshing visual experience.
  8. NEW FINAL EVENT: Compete in the prestigious Pokemon World Championship, the ultimate challenge for skilled trainers.
  9. ACCESSIBILITY: Pokemon Light Platinum is designed for easy play, save, and enjoyment. Compatible with GBA Emulator - VBA, it eliminates the complexities of playing a NDS game.

ROM INFORMATION For your reference, here are the essential details of Pokemon Light Platinum:

  • Hack Name: Pokémon Light Platinum
  • Hack Base: Pokemon Ruby (English)
  • Language: English & Portuguese (Brazil)


Pokemon Light Platinum offers a remarkable gaming experience through its extensive features, captivating storyline, and improved gameplay. With its unique blend of nostalgia and innovation, this Pokemon Hack Game stands out as a must-play for all Pokefans. So, grab your GBA Emulator and embark on an unforgettable journey through the enchanting world of Pokemon Light Platinum.


Using Mouse

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