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Pokemon Team Builder

Pokemon Team Builder: Enhance Your Strategy with Marriland's Tool

Marriland's Pokémon Team Builder

Welcome to Marriland’s Pokémon Team Builder, an invaluable tool designed to help you optimize your Pokémon team's defensive coverage. Whether you're a casual player or a competitive battler, this tool allows you to easily check for weaknesses and resistances across your entire team at a glance. By identifying any gaps in your team's defensive capabilities, you can fine-tune your strategy and ensure you're ready to face any challenges that come your way.

User-Friendly Interface

Using the Pokémon Team Builder is a breeze. You can input up to 6 Pokémon for your team, and select the specific generation you're playing. Whether you're exploring the latest Pokémon Scarlet & Violet games or revisiting older generations, this tool has got you covered. Pokémon unavailable in a specific generation will be clearly indicated, making team building a smooth process.

Support for Multiple Languages

Marriland's Team Builder is accessible in various languages, catering to a diverse community of players. Choose your preferred language, and the interface will seamlessly adapt to provide a comfortable user experience. If your language isn't currently supported, there might be opportunities to contribute to localization efforts and enhance the tool for players worldwide.

Comprehensive Pokémon Forms

The Team Builder includes almost every Pokémon form, ensuring that you have access to an extensive roster for strategic planning. For better organization, some cosmetic and transient forms are hidden, but you can easily access them by applying the "Misc. Forms" filter. This filter includes forms like those of Vivillon patterns or Furfrou trims, as well as battle-only forms like Ash-Greninja or Original Color Magearna.

Understanding Gender Differences

Some Pokémon, like Meowstic, Indeedee, and Basculegion, have gender-based forms that go beyond mere cosmetic changes. These distinct forms possess different movepools, abilities, and/or stats, making them treated as separate Pokémon. Similar to the case of Nidoran♀ and Nidoran♂, their gender differences are essential to consider during team building.

In-Depth Team Analysis

The Pokémon Team Builder calculates a Pokémon's weaknesses and resistances solely based on its type. Abilities, movepools, and other factors are not considered for this analysis. Additionally, coverage calculations focus solely on type matchups and disregard specific movepool details. For example, even if a Pokémon cannot learn any Water-type damaging moves, it will still be marked as contributing to Water coverage if it possesses a Water type.

Strategize and Succeed with Marriland's Pokémon Team Builder

With Marriland’s Pokémon Team Builder, you hold the power to create a formidable team that can conquer any challenges that lie ahead. By identifying and addressing your team's weaknesses and enhancing its strengths, you'll be better equipped to face both casual battles and competitive tournaments. Dive into the world of Pokémon with the aid of this powerful tool, and let your tactical brilliance shine on the battlefield. Get ready to build the ultimate Pokémon team and embark on a thrilling adventure!

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