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Embark on an epic RPG adventure in Sonic RPG – Episode 7 and continue the thrilling battle against Reala while aiming to defeat the notorious Eggman. This incredible Sonic movie-style game requires you to utilize your moves wisely as you aid the unlikely duo of Shadow and Nights in their quest to conquer Reala and unravel the gripping storyline.

Sonic RPG – Episode 7 represents the seventh installment of the fan-created Sonic RPG series. Building upon the events of episode 6, this game introduces multi-level RPG-style combat, enhanced user interface, improved sprites, superior graphics, and much more. Moreover, Episode 7 boasts a password-protected scene selection screen, allowing you to resume your progress or prevent others from skipping levels. Develop a well-crafted strategy during battles and strive to overcome the villainous Dr. Eggman alongside the malevolent Reala in this thrilling seventh episode of Sonic RPG. Get ready for a truly enjoyable experience!


Continuing from the conclusion of Sonic RPG Episode 6, NiGHTS and Shadow find themselves facing off against Reala. Despite being defeated, Reala attempts to escape by taking to the skies. However, Shadow is determined not to let him slip away so easily. Employing the Star Rain attack, NiGHTS tries to strike Reala, only to encounter his shield. Fortunately, Shadow employs his unique technique, shattering Reala's shield and providing an opening for NiGHTS and Shadow to confront Reala once and for all.

Meanwhile, Seelkadoom, having regained consciousness thanks to Sonic's actions in Sonic RPG Episode 5, chuckles and decides to deliver a surprise to Sonic. He swiftly departs from the area where he was previously knocked out.

As for Sonic, he searches for a way to reunite with his team but stumbles upon a rock monster. Sonic faces the choice of battling the creature or leaving it be. Regardless of his decision, he continues along the path only to realize he is once again lost. Growing weary and fed up, Sonic taps into his Super form and effortlessly soars out of the forest.

Back with NiGHTS and Shadow, Seelkadoom materializes before them, observing their triumph over Reala. Seelkadoom belittles Reala, considering his demise a fitting consequence for disregarding his instructions to remain within the castle during the fourth episode. Shadow, surprised by the appearance of the malevolent hedgehog, prepares to engage in combat, much to the dismay of NiGHTS. Despite NiGHTS' warnings regarding Seelkadoom's power, Shadow asserts that he doesn't need Sonic or NiGHTS to defeat the villain and reminds NiGHTS of Knuckles' condition. Although concerned for Knuckles, NiGHTS attempts to dissuade Shadow, only to be disregarded as the black and red hedgehog confronts Seelkadoom single-handedly.

Seelkadoom initially toys with Shadow but soon faces the wrath of the ultimate life form, who implores the evil hedgehog to stop playing around and engage in a genuine fight. Seelkadoom swiftly launches an attack from above, sending both Shadow and himself crashing to the ground. As the nefarious hedgehog prepares to deliver a final blow to Shadow, Super Sonic intervenes, disrupting his plans.

For those interested in playing this game online for free, you can access it at https://pokemoninfinitefusion.io/. Enjoy the thrilling experience and immerse yourself in the world of Sonic RPG – Episode 7!


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