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Sonic RPG 9

Sonic RPG 9

Introduce Sonic RPG 9

Sonic RPG makes its triumphant return with the 9th installment of the renowned role-playing game! Prepare yourself for an entirely new gaming experience as you take on the formidable Seelkadoom in a more action-oriented gameplay system. This episode features intense battles that require a combination of combat skills and strategic thinking. As Shadow, you can unleash a series of powerful skills and strategically switch between three modes for your teammates (defense/normal/aggressive), allowing Knuckles and NiGHTS to unleash their strongest attacks at the perfect moment. Sonic RPG 9 also treats fans to animated scenes that pay homage to the beloved Sonic series, leaving them delighted and captivated.

Story (Game Version)

Continuing from the events of Sonic RPG 8, Super Shadow stands alone as the final defense against Seelkadoom, who has just defeated Super Sonic. Seelkadoom reveals that he has possessed the Chaos Emeralds all along, stunning Super Shadow.

Just as Super Shadow engages in battle with Seelkadoom, Knuckles and NiGHTS arrive on the scene. Seelkadoom provokes them into fighting, particularly infuriating the red echidna, leading to an intense RPG battle.

Despite Knuckles' strength, NiGHTS' magic, and Super Shadow's power and speed, they find themselves outmatched by Seelkadoom. Just as Seelkadoom is about to claim victory, Sonic rises to his feet, emanating an unfamiliar power. Fueled by his friends' condition, Sonic transforms into Super Sonic once again. However, realizing that his Super form alone cannot defeat his opponent, Sonic discovers that the Sapphire possesses properties similar to the Master Emerald in their dimension. Super Sonic absorbs the energy from the blue diamond, elevating himself to a new level of power. Seelkadoom is filled with rage, while Shadow, in utter disbelief, witnesses Sonic's transformation into Hyper Sonic.

Seelkadoom becomes increasingly infuriated, while Sonic smirks confidently at his foe, leaving both the players and viewers captivated.

Story (Movie Version)

Shadow reveals that Dr. Eggman, Sonic's arch-nemesis, created an "Abomination" named Seelkadoom, who sought to follow in the footsteps of his grandfather, the deceased Gerald Robotnik. However, Seelkadoom eventually became a loner, prompting Eggman to send not only him but also Sonic, Shadow, and Knuckles into another dimension. Along their journey, they encounter NiGHTS and engage in numerous battles, from Ristar to the Ancient Beast, culminating in a confrontation with Reala and eventually Seelkadoom himself. After Shadow and NiGHTS defeat Reala and heal Knuckles, NiGHTS presents Shadow with the Sapphire, granting him a Super form at last. Shadow proceeds to explain how he believed that he and Sonic had the upper hand, only to be overpowered by Seelkadoom, despite their combined power and speed. Now that Super Sonic has been defeated, they find themselves back where they started.

Following the events of Sonic RPG 8, Super Shadow remains as the sole defender against Seelkadoom, who has vanquished Super Sonic. Shadow finally realizes that Seelkadoom had been toying with them all along, also revealing that the blue-black hedgehog possessed the Chaos Emeralds from the beginning.

Back in Mobius, Tails retrieves the Master Emerald from Dr. Eggman after the events of Sonic RPG 6. Tails questions Eggman about Sonic's disappearance. The doctor explains that Sonic, along with Knuckles, Shadow, and Seelkadoom, is no longer in Mobius, having been transported to another dimension. Although Tails is initially skeptical, considering Eggman's history of trying to defeat Sonic, he contemplates the possibility. Suddenly, Amy Rose smashes through the front door, demanding to know the whereabouts of her beloved Sonic. Tails is astonished by Amy's unexpected arrival, while Eggman trembles in fear of the pink hedgehog's wrath.

Meanwhile, at Reala's Castle in Herbegitan, Super Shadow and Seelkadoom prepare for another clash, when Knuckles and NiGHTS appear from the skies. Shadow questions their presence, to which Knuckles responds, "We couldn't just let you have all the fun, could we?" As for NiGHTS, he explains that while Sonic, Shadow, and Knuckles risked their lives to save his dimension, all he did was stand and watch, unable to allow a monster to conquer his world. Seelkadoom laughs mockingly, challenging them to fight and declaring, "I'll carve upon your flesh just how hopeless the very thought of defeating me really is." Ignoring NiGHTS' warning, Knuckles charges at the malevolent hedgehog, consumed by rage.

Knuckles attempts to strike Seelkadoom, but the evil hedgehog effortlessly dodges his attack. Seelkadoom retaliates, swiftly defeating Knuckles with a single blow. Witnessing Knuckles' condition, NiGHTS flies after Seelkadoom, disregarding Super Shadow's warning. However, before NiGHTS can take any action, Seelkadoom launches a surprise attack, overpowering and defeating NiGHTS in a single strike. Super Shadow is shocked and enraged by the state of his friends, growing even more furious when Seelkadoom taunts, "Shall you remain cowering down there, even in your final moments?" The Ultimate Lifeform gathers his Chaos energy and soars into the sky to engage Seelkadoom in battle. Despite Super Shadow's valiant efforts, he is unable to defeat his adversary. Seelkadoom strikes him, and in response, Shadow hurls a Chaos Spear. Although it appears that Seelkadoom has been weakened, the evil hedgehog emerges from the smoke and seizes Shadow by the face. Seelkadoom sends Shadow hurtling back to Reala's Castle, causing him to crash to the ground. Emerging from the wreckage, Seelkadoom stands tall, while Super Shadow struggles to rise. However, due to the Sapphire being forcibly extracted and significantly damaged by Seelkadoom, Super Shadow reverts back to his normal base form, defeated. Seelkadoom laughs triumphantly, believing that no one remains to oppose him... or so he thinks.

At that moment, Sonic rises to his feet, emanating an unusual power. Fueled by the condition of his friends, Sonic transforms into Super Sonic once again. However, aware that his Super form alone is not enough to defeat Seelkadoom, Sonic discovers that the Sapphire possesses properties similar to the Master Emerald in their dimension. Super Sonic absorbs the energy from the blue diamond, ascending to another level of power. Seelkadoom becomes engulfed in rage, while Shadow, overwhelmed by disbelief, watches Sonic undergo his transformation into Hyper Sonic.

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