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Super Smash Flash 2
Super Smash Flash 2

Super Smash Flash 2

Super Smash Flash 2: The Return of a Flash Gaming Legend

...Super Smash what?

Super Smash Flash is back! Do you remember us? We're the original Smash Bros fangame that gained popularity for its content and difficulty, rather than its gameplay. Super Smash Flash was like a flash of lightning in the gaming world, bearing only a few similarities to the actual Smash Bros gameplay since it was our first game. However, it still managed to attract a large number of enthusiastic players. Now, armed with the knowledge we've acquired along the way, we're striving for the utmost quality in our latest release. Super Smash Flash 2 is not a game made by one person in a month, like SSF1. It's a collaborative effort involving hundreds of people working tirelessly over several years. This game is set to become one of the biggest fan-made Smash Bros games to date, and not just in the Flash game genre. We promise.

Is this actually made in Flash?

Absolutely! And one of our primary objectives is to showcase that Flash is an underestimated and underappreciated platform. If we can create a console-quality game with controller support, online mode, and ten years' worth of custom art using Flash, then so can you. No other programming interface would provide us with the same level of convenience and workflow that we have with Super Smash Flash 2 , thanks to custom tools. Flash is an incredible tool for developing video games and animations with a low barrier to entry and an incredibly user-friendly interface. So, in short, please stop calling for Flash to die, you jerks!

How to Play Super Smash Flash 2

  1. Start by using the arrow keys to move around (use down arrow to duck).
  2. Press "O" to jump and "P" to attack.
  3. There are five types of attacks:
    • Up+Attack: Air attack upward.
    • Down+Attack (In Air): Air attack downward.
    • Down+Attack (On Ground): Special attack.
    • Attack (without arrow keys): Normal attack.
    • Attack (using left or right arrows): "Smash" attack (inflicts more damage).
  4. Some levels have platforms that you can pass through by holding the Down key.
  5. Knock opponents downward in the air to perform Meteor Smashes.
  6. Combine your Special attack with normal and smash attacks to deal more damage.
  7. Experiment with different fighters who have unique abilities.
  8. In VS Mode, you can control another human player with the following controls:
    • "A" = Left
    • "S" = Duck
    • "D" = Right
    • "W" = Up
    • "F" = Attack
    • "G" = Jump

Master these mechanics to become a skilled player in Super Smash Flash 2!

And if you want to play this game online for free, you can do so at https://pokemoninfinitefusion.io/ .


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