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Pokémon Topaz: A Unique Pokémon Ruby ROM Hack

Pokémon Topaz, a creative ROM Hack of the classic Pokémon Ruby game, is the brainchild of Bazza. This exciting ROM Hack unfolds in the fictional Topaz Region, offering a fresh and captivating twist to the Pokémon universe.

Setting the Scene:

The story of Pokémon Topaz kicks off with the player taking on the role of a Team Rocket recruit. The player relocates to Shawford in the newly crafted Topaz Region, which is a modified version of the Hoenn region. Upon arrival, they encounter a rival who is also a fellow Team Rocket member. Together, they embark on a thrilling adventure, where their first mission is to rescue the infamous Giovanni from a relentless pursuit by a police officer named Boptino.

Giovanni, grateful for the player's intervention, rewards them with a starter Pokémon. However, this is just the beginning. Giovanni entrusts the player with a grand mission: to steal all eight Gym Badges scattered across the Topaz Region. These Gym Badges are essential to increasing Team Rocket's influence in the region.

As the player journeys through the Topaz Region, they must constantly evade the watchful eye of the police, who are determined to apprehend both the player and Giovanni. The game unfolds as an intricate dance between Team Rocket's ambitions and the relentless pursuit of justice.

Notable Announcements:

  1. Mod Application Results: In a significant announcement, long-time Topaz member Cyndadile has been appointed as the Global Mod and assistant project leader. This is a well-deserved recognition of his dedication to the project. Additionally, NyteFyre takes on the role of Topaz Text RPG administrator, overseeing all aspects of the TRPG. This move aims to strengthen the community and enhance engagement.

  2. Programming Progress: While there is bad news regarding a missing programmer, the good news is that the project has found a way forward. Black Temple Guardian has made strides in deciphering move codes and building the necessary code to incorporate moves into the game. The community is encouraged to contribute to programming efforts, as it's clear that collective efforts can overcome challenges.

  3. Pokemon Online Server: In an exciting development, Topaz has launched a joint Pokémon Online server with Pokémon Turquoise and Ever Grande City, providing an opportunity for community members to play together and explore the 5th gen meta.

Contributions and Opportunities:

The Topaz community thrives on collaboration, and there are numerous ways for members to get involved:

  • Trainer Lineups: Participants can help create trainer lineups by defining the number of trainers on each route, detailing their identities and the Pokémon they possess. Additionally, they can format this information into trainers.txt to make it readable by the game.

  • Route Number Change: Consider changing route numbers from 201+ to 49+ to avoid conflicts with Sinnoh. Express your support for this change and assist in locating topics where route numbers need adjustment.

  • Map Recreation: Members familiar with RPGMaker XP can contribute by recreating maps found on the site and posting them to Map UPS. This is a valuable way to speed up the development process.

  • Event Indexing: Help streamline programming by describing the placement of NPCs, bookcases, and other elements on maps for easier event implementation in RPGMaker.

  • Graphic Enhancements: Offer input on sprite sizes, provide feedback on overworld sprites, or engage in mapping and sprite creation.

  • Move Programming: Collaborate with Black Temple Guardian in programming moves for the game. If you have Ruby experience, your expertise is particularly valuable.

A Glimpse of Visual Delights:

The State of Topaz also showcases the artistic contributions to the project:

  • Engaging overworld sprites, such as Engil, Duval, and Mirust, created by Cranky Guy.

  • A stunning region map for Caldera/Kirant crafted by NikNak, offering a fresh perspective on the Pokémon world.

  • Impressive concept art, including Kondria and Grific, designed by DracoNyon.

  • Myrna's sprite, the new Ghost-type E4 member, crafted by Reliability.


The State of Topaz emphasizes community involvement and highlights the remarkable progress being made in various aspects of the project. With dedicated members contributing their skills and ideas, Pokémon Topaz continues to evolve and promises an exciting and unique Pokémon adventure for fans to enjoy. Whether you're interested in mapping, programming, or sprite design, there's a place for you in the Topaz community, making this ROM Hack a collaborative labor of love.


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